What Are the Best Colors for Braces?

The best colors for braces are the ones that make us feel the most comfortable with our smile!

Are braces cool? This might seem an awkward question, but it isn’t. In countries like Thailand, there is a trend among young kids to wear fake braces, mainly because they are a sign of class and status. But, here, we must insist fake braces pose a tremendous risk to the public.

Although braces had been accompanying us for centuries, to be more exact, from the 17h century when a French oral surgeon, Pierre Fauchard, developed the first braces, it wasn’t until the seventies that braces were cemented directly to teeth. Do you guess how they worked?

Orthodontists used to wrap teeth with a metal band that has a metal bracket attached to it. These braces looked awful, were also painful, and were more prone to catch food residues and bacteria. Also, these braces weren’t as effective as the braces we have today.

Indeed, technology advancements include NiTi metal developed by NASA and less conspicuous, smaller, but still pretty effective brackets with fewer nooks and crannies. Better yet, you can customize your brackets with colors that match your skin, eyes, and hair tones.

Ligatures also come in shades of blue that can go with your mood and personality, or you might also use them for special occasions. Here we briefly examine the coolest brace ligatures colors recommended for your specific attributes and likes.

What Are the Most Popular Braces Color Shades and Why?

Are you thrilled with the idea of adding a “pop” of color to your braces? Here we bring the top list of braces colors for teens across the United States have a preference for.

N° 1 Light Blue

Light blue is the preferred color among teens and also adults. But what makes light blue a popular choice? Light blue makes your teeth look whiter and evokes a sophisticated vibe. A light shade of blue goes perfectly for many occasions, like a prom dance or a regular school day.

Yet, the best thing about light blue rubber bands is that they go nicely with any skin tone, hair color, and even eye color, not to mention that statistically, blue is the preferred color in the United States, making it the best perfect color for braces.

N° 2 Hot Pink

A sensory explosion of pink is perfect for expressing a young teen’s style and individuality. Have you thought of combining pink with lime green? This combination of bright colors will make your teeth stand out; the best part is that it is trendy.

However, if you tried pink or lime green and feel they aren’t what you expected, try using neon pink or fuchsia. If you tried combining it with lime green or tried lime green alone, but you aren’t convinced, ask for neon green or sophisticated turquoise braces rubber bands; you won’t be disappointed.

N° 3 Dark Purple

Darker shades, like dark purple or dark blue, are often chosen by those with darker skin tones, as they create a striking contrast and highlight a beautiful smile.

N°4 Bonus Color Unlocked

We are glad you got to this part of the reading. So, to prize you are here with us, we unlocked not a color but a tone that is getting increasingly popular: “pastel colors.” Do you know what pastel means?

Pastel means cake in Spanish, and we are tempted to think they refer to light-glazed cake decoration colors like light-mate blue, pastel pink, or pale yellowish color, also known as pastel peach.

What Are the Best Braces Color According To My Skin Tone?

Getting your teeth straightened up shouldn’t be boring. Let’s twist orthodontic braces boredom and start revealing a fashionably loud statement; yes, wearing color braces is also about making a fashion statement! And what better way to do that than by choosing the perfect braces color that matches your skin tone, right?

Light Skin Tone Matching Colors

For those with lighter skin tones, some ligatures colors correlate and balance with the skin tone and are also fun. While all colors look great, some shades seem to pop more against lighter skin.

Light Blue Is the Easiest Choice for All

Blue seems to be perfect, but light blue is glorious. For example, light blue gives pale skin a cool and delicate contrast, making your smile shine.

Darker Tones of Blue Are Flawless

If you want something a bit bolder, a little darker blue braces can add a touch of sophistication and elegance to your look. You might want to check a fresco blue, and if you’re not yet convinced, try a turquoise, they are simply fantastic. But what about dark purple? We know it is not blue but, try it on, you won’t regret it, they look fantastic.

Dark Skin Tone Matching Colors

If you have a darker skin tone, specific colors can perfectly complement your complexion.

Light Blue Is the Best

We’ve said blue seems perfect, but light blue is glorious because it is also great for dark skin tones. There is a magic in light blue that blends with darker skin tones seamlessly as with pale skin tones.

Pink is An Instagram Perfect

Pink braces, and especially “hot pink” or “fuchsia,” can add a vibrant burst of color that will make heads turn. Also, what if you try a fuchsia hair dye on your hair? or maybe some braid extensions? They will certainly make your friends go crazy.

Bright Yellow, Yes, a Happy Color

Yellow braces can create a striking contrast that exudes confidence and radiance. Yellow is synonymous with vitality, and believe it or not, it is a color we often take for granted, but once you try them and see the beautiful contrast it makes with your skin tone, you will fall in love with it.

The Best Braces Color That Best Match My Eyes, and Hair Colors

We’ve left the best part for the finale. Yes, when it comes to choosing the best braces color, why not make them work with your eyes and hair colors, so you can get a more advantageous look when smiling and having those sorting looks from your friends? We are quite sure they will say the contrast and the way you match tones look good on you. So, let’s check them out:

Braces Colors For Clear Eyes

People with clear eyes have a fantastic chance of making their eyes color burst even more.

Bright Blue Eyes

Undoubtedly, lighter ligatures shades like light blue or any pastel palette colors are a perfect match. For instance, the swift contrast of blue eyes with “mint green pastel” creates a stunning effect.

Dark and Light Green Eyes

Ligatures with a “baby blue pastel” accentuate your beautiful eyes. No matter the tone of green eyes you have, even if you have hazel eyes.

Braces Colors For Brown and Black Eyes

If you have brown or black eyes colors darker colors, you can still play with a pastel palette of colors. Try a rose nude if you want to have contrast and make people look at you pleasantly, evoking joy and harmony. Yet, you can also try a dark purple or royal blue and add depth and intensity to your smile.

Braces Colors For Lighter Hair Shades

Just like your eyes, your hair color can complement the right braces color. If you have lighter hair, like blonde or light brown, consider going for pastel colors because contrasts are not always good, and if you try a dark color like purple, your friends might over-fixate on your braces, and we don’t want that. Also, light hair shades make a nice frame for rose nude ligatures.

Braces Colors For Darker Hair Shades

Dark hair colors make a face frame that can let you play a little more than blonde hair. So you have a wider spectrum of color options to choose from. For instance, a person with black hair can pick light and dark ligature tones without a problem; they all will look nice, especially if their skin tone is dark as well.

For instance, a person with a dark skin tone and black hair looks amazing with “aqua color” ligatures. But, the same person can opt for a dark maroon ligatures color and still look fantastic. So, here you can even roll the dice and be playful without a problem.

Let Your True Colors Shine With Braces Colors That Make You Smile From Ear to Ear!

Who said braces are not fashionably loud? Let your braces reflect your unique style and personality, and embrace the colorful journey toward a beautiful and healthy smile! At SBK Orthodontics, you can get light blue braces, sky blue braces, and all shades of blue braces you want, and all the shades of many other colors. If you want Glow-In-The-Dark Bands or rubber band colors that are less conspicuous, you have them. Schedule a consultation visit today and start enjoying the fun part of orthodontic treatment, playing with your favorite colors, and, the best part, starting the path for a beautiful smile that lasts forever.