The trio of specialists and highly-skilled team members of SBK Orthodontics are ready to help any patients with their orthodontic emergencies. Fortunately, when you choose to start your care with us, you get help from the best orthodontist Chelsea has available. We want to help you carry on with your treatment without any unwanted delays.


Oh, absolutely. We know from our record of patients there are plenty of common alarming situations. You can always count on our help if these problems arise. Please note the situations we describe below and keep in mind you can contact us at any time. Call us at (734) 475-2260 and get in touch with our team to remedy any emergencies.


Loose Brackets

This is one of the most common problems that plague patients with traditional metal braces. You’ll see, that most patients who wear braces will also have to make sacrifices regarding their choice of foods and beverages. Patients undergoing orthodontics will have to say goodbye to hard foods that can break off into smaller bits that will peel away any brackets, no matter how strong the bonding agent is. Please get in touch with us to get that situation worked out and reattach any loose brackets.



Poking Wires

This is another unfortunate and common situation. Chelsea Orthodontic emergencies include poking wires that come off from their place and start hurting the inside of your cheeks. There are plenty of fixes for this situation, and you might want to learn more thanks to the blog post we link below. Unlike other situations, poking wires may not necessarily delay your treatment. Still, please get in touch with our team to get the professional help required to avoid any additional complications.



Lost Clear Aligner Trays

Some patients choose not to start their orthodontic care without conventional metal braces and instead choose Invisalign® clear aligner trays. They are an amazing alternative for patients who wish for a more discreet treatment option. Unfortunately, one of the common problems is that patients lose these trays when they don’t pay close attention during mealtimes. Lost aligners can set you back and cause considerable delays. Try to get in touch with our office as soon as possible to get a replacement set.



Pain and Discomfort

Regrettably, one of the problems that many patients report is the discomfort they feel during the first few days after getting their braces installed. Patients who wear aligners will also note some degree of discomfort when they switch to a new set of Invisalign trays. Discomfort shouldn’t be an unexpected side-effect of orthodontics, so make sure you’re in touch with your Chelsea orthodontist for proper guidance on what to take or how to remedy the situation. Please note, though, that if you feel pain and it persists for longer than 3 days, you should get in touch with emergency services that examine you and determine you’re not having a potentially life-threatening problem.



We’ll gladly wait for you here in our Chelsea orthodontist office to offer you the help you require when you need it most.

You’ll also want to follow the link below and learn more about the many DIY solutions available to our patients and other orthodontic emergencies you might run into.



Don’t be shy and set your next appointment with us. Give us a call to get proper guidance on how to solve your orthodontic emergencies, Chelsea. The specialists at SBK Orthodontics will want to help you in any way they can. See you around!


What counts as an orthodontic emergency?

You’ll know you’re dealing with an orthodontic emergency because you will feel discomfort but won’t endure crippling pain. Orthodontic emergencies are not potentially fatal, and you’ll learn to identify them as such once you determine that your orthodontic appliance has suffered some damage. Don’t worry; these emergencies are not as alarming or complex as they may seem initially. Just make sure to contact your orthodontist and review with their team what you should do.

Is a bracket coming off an orthodontic emergency?

Yes. We say that a loose bracket is an orthodontic emergency because this situation either results from direct damage to your orthodontic appliance or poses the risk of creating unwanted delays to your treatment. Loose brackets won’t realign teeth at the expected rhythm; in fact, they won’t move their target tooth at all because they aren’t fixed to the tooth’s surface, meaning your orthodontic treatment won’t advance uniformly or as expected.

How to handle a true orthodontic emergency?

A true orthodontic emergency won’t require too much attention for a quick fix. In fact, there are plenty of DIY methods that relieve the discomfort caused and help prevent any additional complications. You should get in touch with our office to learn more about the ways in which you can deal with each situation. You should also keep a few supplies handy, such as orthodontic wax, to secure any loose brackets or cover poking wires.

What happens if you move in the middle of orthodontic treatment?

Don’t worry. It is your right to switch caregivers during an ongoing treatment plan. Just make sure you tell your current orthodontist that you’ll be moving elsewhere and need to get in touch with a board-certified orthodontist. Some patients prefer driving back to their regular orthodontist to avoid the new adjustment period, but when you do your research and connect with the best orthodontist Chelsea has available, you won’t have to worry about whether or not you’re receiving the best orthodontic care possible.