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Outdoorsy is her middle name. You can’t keep this lady inside!

Roommates consist of 1 husband, 2 dogs, 2 cats, and 4 mini donkeys!

They say it’s impossible to achieve perfection…but have you seen her lashes?

“Alexa put Jack Johnson on repeat!”

Guacamole making EXPERT! We took a vote and the consensus was a 5-star rating.



Mud-bogging/off-roading addict.

Born and raised in Chelsea…Go Bulldogs!

Knows every word to every Shania Twain song.

2014 Chelsea Fair Queen…forever our office queen.

You do indeed need a step ladder to get into her lifted F250.



Chips & guac pleeeeassseee!

Can be found binging 90 Day Fiance

Louiston, Stewie, & Wesley are her feline sons

Running is one of her favorite activities

Eric Church & The Lumineers dominate her playlists



Escanaba (Upper Peninsula) native

Fact not fiction: brings blender to work everyday to make herself smoothies #smoothiesforlife

If Carrie Underwood’s on the radio…turn it up!!

2 turtles, 2 puppers, 1 amazing son! She’s a busy woman

16+ years ortho experience. She knows what’s goin’ on!



She’s as cool as a cucumber, it’s no wonder she loves pickles so much!

29 years as an ortho assistant, this lady knows her stuff!

Official title is ‘Office Comedian’.

Spends free time bowling, kayaking, and hanging with her friends.

Green thumb alert.



Full house alert! Mama to 4 amazing kiddos.

Detroit Red Wings lover.

On the weekends you can find her camping and enjoying the outdoors.

Loves to rock out to Pantera and Metallica.

Her “most watched” list is composed of the Simpsons, The Simpsons, and…The Simpsons!



Proud doggie mom of a gorgeous Texas Heeler named Dakota.

We hit a grand slam when this Wildcats softball fan joined our team!

Born and raised in Milan…it’s pronouned MY-Len!!

Pretzels are life…sticks, twists, crisps…all of em’!

Gretchen Wilson is her main squeeze when it comes to music.



Move over Tiger Woods…Cheri is coming for your title as best golfer.

She lights up the room with her bright smile.

Mama to a set of twins, a daughter, & 2 rescue kitties. All 5 are grown up, working on world domination (yes, the kitties too).

Grew up in Saline, Go Hornets & Go Blue!

Jams out to country music, yeeeeehawwww!



Sushi lover…spicy tuna roll is her go-to.

Originally from Germany, guten tag!

Godzilla expert…literally. She’s written two papers on it.

Loves to hit the water on her paddle board…she’s secretly half mermaid. Shhh.

Known for her Jeep, Donna’s comin’ in hot with her lifted, white JK!



Home grown in Taylor, Michigan

Boy mom! She has 1 wonderful, handsome son!

Best kitty name award goes to….Romeow! 

Favorite show is Good Doctor 

Skidoos, paddle-boarding, and bonfires take up her off days



Hey batter batter! Detroit Tigers fan alert!

If you’re looking to start a garden, she’s our very own gardening guru.

Loves to piece her free time together by doing puzzles.

Rescued her fur-baby Maggie (her pup), they’ve been inseperable since.

If you let her pick the movie, she’s putting Fried Green Tomatoes on.



Donations of tacos, pizza, and wings graciously accepted at ALL times.

Cat mom to Corona (ironically named before 2020), dog mama to Gypsy.

Been with us for over a decade!

Hobbies include spending way too much time on Pinterest.

Loves to cook..critiques Gordon Ramsay style.



Impractical Jokers is her favorite show…and yes, we all get pranked regularly.

Momma bear of 4 crazy kids with personalities just as big as hers.

Self-proclaimed Picasso of coloring with sparkle gel pens.

Let’s be(ef) frank..there’s nothing better than sitting around a campfire in her opinion.

Fact finding fiend! Finds herself researching everything and anything 24/7.



Pizza connoisseur and enthusiast.

Stieper and Brust vet, est. in 96′.

3 awesome children.

The Janet of all trades, especially expert-level cookie decorating.

If she’s not at work, she’s on the water kayaking with Donna.



Born and raised Michigander but has traveled all over the world.

Always has a smile on her face…will brighten anyone’s mood!

Has two kiddos and one fur baby, she’s a busy bee.

Loves the outdoors…hiking, biking, or running – sign her up!


Kathy M.

Ideal dinner consists of steak, steak, and did we mention steak?

Avid Red Wings fan.

Born and raised in Allen Park.

Boy mom to 2 awesome young men.

Animal lover, especially to her sidekick Ella!


Katherine Y.

Favorite food group is ice cream…it IS a food group!

Boating, kayaking, jet skiing, basically anything with sun and water..she’s there!

Queen bee of her hive – husband, 4 kids, 4 grandsons

Is quite the engineer, when it comes to building train sets with her grandsons at least.

Lifelong Michigander – GO BLUE!



Her Ying & Yang = her two wonderful sons

Globe trotter alert!

Mother nature and her are friends…BEST friends in fact!

Dreamt of beach retirement but may be changing those dreams to move near her sons in the mountains.

Music makes her heart sing! Especially her sons.



She loves cheese so much it’s almost cheesy…

Mama to an adorable 2 year old daughter.

If she went on Fear Factor she’d have to face her fear of shower curtains…yes you read that right.

Binging Bob’s Burgers on Netflix is always on the agenda for the day.

Crafts and Taylor Swift make for a happy Kelsie.



When they ask what her fav sport is, she’ll always reply “is shopping a sport??”

They say life is a box of chocolates, she says chocolate IS life!

Currently loving Benee’s music vibe.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane, no…it’s Kerri hang gliding! She tried hang gliding and absolutely loved it.



Loves and worships her beauty rest.

Fur mama of her cat, Isis, and Bear, her Shih Tzu (widely known for being the cutest dog ever).

She almost never forgets a face…even with a mask on! That’s talent.

Background is in veterinary medicine but, loves beautiful smiles so she’s sticking with us!

If stranded on a desert island, she’s choosing spaghetti as her only food.



Bump, set, spike! Volleyball is the way to her heart

Mama to 2 teenage daughters (oh boy!)

Can count on her for a good laugh every day

Fur baby is her rescue pup, Maggie Mae

Steph Curry with the shot! Big Golden State Warriors fan



Criminal Minds is on her binge list…careful you might get profiled when you’re in her chair!

Mommy of 2 (1 newborn).

Apples and caramel…best snack in existence. Prove her wrong!

Shopping is not just a hobby for her, it’s a lifestyle.



Seattle Seahawks are her fav!

Rainy days are spent binging the tv show “Billions”.

Dill pickles are her main food group.

On her off days you can find her on the golf course or lake with friends.



Home grown right in Saline.

Her nickname is Twinkle Toes due to her 24/7 dancing.

Mama to 2 adorable (but crazy) little monsters, one baby boy & one sassy 4 year old!

Is a licensed esthetician, used to be apart of the beauty/cosmetics world.

Betty Rubble (Flintstones) and her have identical laughs.



Favorite sport is laying by the pool (relatable).

Grew up in Dearborn.

Big on traveling…loves to experience new things!

Speaks, writes, and reads Romanian.

Mom of one very handsome boy.



Stieper & Brust team member since 2000!

Her puppies are her loves! Ask her about her 3 dachshunds.

Red Wings superfan, you should see her gear collection.

Avid chips & cheese lover.

Queen of knowing every current event and bit of news happening in Downriver!



“Fish are friends not food!” does not fully apply here…seafood is her FAV!

Eating, loving, praying, talking, & laughing = what make her world go round.

Mama to 2 gorgeous daughters!

Known for her strong faith and constant kindness.

She 10/10 reccomends Heartland on Netflix.



She eats, breathes, and sleeps shopping.

Moved here from Michael Jordan’s stomping grounds (S. Carolina)…ironic because she’s 6 ft. tall!

Crafty jewelry designer, mild earring hoarder.

Sloppy joe is her go-to.

Has watched the Conjuring way too many times.



Chicken nuggets sommelier.

Can recite every Spongebob episode.

Cornhole CHAMP!

Corgi mama to one very VERY cute “Augie”.

Known for calling literally everyone “friend”.



It’s Peyton with an E! Don’t forget!

Eats Hot Cheetos like it’s a sport. 

She’s secretly an American Idol level singer…shhh!

Her best friends are Ozzy, her bearded dragon, and Rogue, her pit bull.

Globetrotter, sightseer, traveling queen! Fav spot = Colorado.



Will absolutely geek out over Harry Potter with you!

New mama to a seriously precious baby girl named Ella.

Everybody stay calm!!! She loves The Office. LOVES.

Prefers to spend free time kayaking or taking the pontoon down the river with family.

Degree in Elementary Education but ended up falling in love with ortho.



In this chef’s kitchen “Chicken Big Mamou” is ALWAYS on the menu.

They say home is where the heart is…she says the OSU Horseshoe is where the heart is.

Loves to bike, craft, and take the pontoon out with her husband and son.

Listens to Luke Bryan more than any one person should.

If you’ve sat in her chair, you’ve definitely heard one of her ditties.



Go pack go! Green Bay Packers fan here!

A golfing day is a tee-riffic day in her book.

Rob Thomas is on replay in her playlist.

Twizzlers…is there anything better?!

She has the cutest pup ever! Koda Mae, her blue heeler, black lab, hound mix is to die for.



Main diet consists of Hot Cheetos.

Prefers to spend her free time fishing and hanging out on the lake.

Has one son and one daughter who are the lights of her life!

Dog mama to a beautiful golden retriever…hoping to add a goat or 2 to her family.

Guilty pleasure is binging Heartland.



If she could only eat one thing for the rest of her life – chicken alfredo, without a doubt.

She has mighty love for mini golf.

Big Seahawks fan.

Her four-legged family consists of 2 cats and one doggie!

Jams out to Fall Out Boy!



It is fact NOT fiction that his favorite movie is indeed Pulp Fiction.

Water or snow, rain or shine, you can find Zane skiing (with mad skill of course)!

He hails from Seoul, South Korea.

Some may call him an expert pizza critic…mostly because of how often he eats it.

One of the last-standing Detroit Lions super fans.