Hello, Chelsea Bulldogs! The team at SBK Orthodontics wants to welcome all our neighbors from Chelsea, MI, to our dental practice and start a journey together toward a beautiful and well-aligned smile with the help of the best suite of orthodontic treatments you can find around.

There are many great things to do in this beautiful city, and now we’re adding a visit to the Best Orthodontist in Chelsea, MI, to the list. Have you enjoyed a family trip to Timber Town Park? How about an exciting viewing at the Purple Rose Theatre? Or maybe you took a short trip to our great downtown area for a meal with friends; now, you get to enjoy all of that and complement your routine with high-quality, specialized orthodontic care.

Getting to our office is not hard at all. We’re just off S Main Street, so if you’ve ever come to any of the great local businesses in our downtown area, you’ll have no trouble finding us. We’re only a couple of blocks away from the Chelsea Police Department, South Meadows Elementary School, and Chelsea Hospital.


This is an easy one in our minds. When you come to our orthodontics office, you’ll be entrusting your specialized care to three highly skilled and board-certified orthodontists who know how to achieve your smile goals safely and in the shortest time possible.

We’ve helped a lot of teenagers and adults achieve the best possible versions of their smiles!

What’s even better, parents and many other patients will be glad to know that they can ask our team for help with their dental insurance coverage as we work with several companies to make your treatment as affordable as possible. We also offer affordable payment plans so the last thing you have to worry about is how much your treatment will cost.


Coming to SBK is not about winging it.

When it comes to orthodontic care, we have to carefully plan your treatment and determine what will work best. Fortunately, you’ll find several options for your treatment here, and we wanted to introduce you to a couple of our most popular orthodontic treatments in Chelsea.

Our Chelsea Orthodontist Offers The Following Services:


Braces Chelsea

Here at SBK Orthodontics, you’ll find durable and reliable conventional metal braces. You can also choose to go the discreet route and ask for clear ceramic braces to fix your bite problems. These appliances allow the orthodontist to plan simultaneous movements and push or pull your teeth toward the ideal position until they achieve an ideal relation and alignment.

The tried and true stainless steel variation of the appliance offers you reliability and durability unmatched by any other appliance. You could also choose the adventurous route and leverage NASA’s development of new materials with ceramic brackets that blend with your natural teeth color to get a beautiful smile.



Invisalign® Clear Aligners Chelsea

How could we not bring up one of the most requested treatments by our Chelsea patients? Clear aligner trays are very different from traditional braces. These clear plastic trays are custom-made and help solve most cases of orthodontic problems with the added benefit of being a discreet solution you can take off whenever you need to.

Patients who use Invisalign clear aligner trays have an easier time keeping their teeth clean after every meal because they can take off the aligners and brush their teeth as usual. Make sure you ask us about this solution as it is not that much more expensive than traditional braces and offers considerable advantages over fixed appliances.

Get in touch with us for more information and start your treatment with a top 1% Invisalign provider in Chelsea, MI!



Orthodontics For Children Chelsea

The ideal age to start orthodontics is around age 7 when your child still has primary teeth and permanent ones. It is during this mixed dentition stage that orthodontists can do the most for your kids’ dental development. We like to ask parents to bring their children around this age because teeth are still erupting, and we can spot signs of orthodontic problems early enough that we can prevent them or make the following stages of treatment much easier for the child.

Children may not require braces or clear aligners right away but could definitely use the help of an orthodontist to overcome the negative effects on their teeth from bad habits, such as tongue thrusting or thumb sucking. Get in touch with our team for proper help.



Orthodontics For Teenagers Chelsea

Teenagers are amazing patients. When orthodontists need to create treatment plans for teenagers, they can leverage the natural movements their teeth and jaws follow to realign a bad bite or fix crooked teeth. Teenagers won’t have to fear a treatment that looks ugly or endangers their teeth, as orthodontics is now more comfortable and efficient than ever before.

Make sure you get in touch with our team to learn more about the discreet and fast treatments they can complete with clear ceramic braces or Invisalign clear aligners. Besides, teenagers can now get their dream smile without much of a problem thanks to the most modern versions possible of the reliable metal braces we use in our orthodontic office.



Orthodontics For Adults Chelsea

We don’t leave anyone behind. Anyone above 21 years old counts as an adult patient in Orthodontics Chelsea, and the best news is that there’s no age limit to starting your treatment. Please get in touch with our Chelsea team to ensure you are in top condition to start orthodontics. As we age, we have to be even more careful about the negative effects of periodontal disease. Fortunately, most patients can begin and complete their treatment without much trouble, thanks to our guide.

Many adults will also appreciate the various discreet and efficient treatment options available at our orthodontic practice. Say bye-bye to your bad bite with Chelsea metal braces, ceramic braces, or Invisalign clear aligners.



Now you know how to find us in Chelsea. Make sure you give us a call and come to the office to learn more about the treatments you need to get the healthy, beautiful, and well-aligned smile you deserve.

Orthodontist Near Me We hope to see you around soon!


What is expected from orthodontic treatment?

The main expectation is how your face will look after treatment. Orthodontics realigns your dental structures and will slightly change the shape of your face, so you should consult with your Chealsea orthodontist to determine what to expect from your treatment aside from a healthier and more beautiful smile.

What are the three classifications of orthodontic treatment?

You might be referring to the way we classify a patient’s bite before we determine an appropriate treatment plan. Patients can be classified as having a bite class I, class II, or class III, depending on the position of their molars. Class I is the ideal position; class II occurs when the uppermost arch covers the lower arch when you bite down. Finally, class III is when the lower molars are too forward in relation to the upper ones.

How long does orthodontics treatment take?

Whenever we plan your orthodontic treatment in Chelsea, we have to take into consideration many factors. Every patient’s treatment is unique and may not last the same. Depending on how severe your problem is, your choice of appliance, and how well you follow your orthodontist’s recommendations, your treatment might take longer or not.

Can you change orthodontists in the middle of treatment?

Yes. If you’re ever uncomfortable with your current orthodontist’s care, you can request a change and have your current specialist transfer all your treatment history to a new orthodontist.

What’s the best age to visit the orthodontist?

The official recommendation from the American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) is to start visiting a specialist in dental alignment around the age of 7 to verify that a kid’s dental development is going well. In general, the sooner you visit an orthodontist, the better.

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