The team and every specialist at SBK Orthodontics are looking forward to delivering the best orthodontic treatment solutions Taylor patients deserve. We work hard and leverage the latest in technology and innovative solutions to achieve your oral health and dental alignment goals. You might be interested in corrective jaw surgery to restore proper jaw and dental function. 

Sometimes, orthodontics alone cannot fix everything, which is why some invasive procedures and additional resources are the only way to improve your quality of life and deliver the results you expect. Please, make sure to set up an appointment with our team to learn more about the ways corrective jaw surgery can help you.

What Is Corrective Jaw Surgery in Taylor?

When we talk about Taylor corrective jaw surgery, we refer to invasive procedures that address the negative effects of congenital jaw growth or dental development problems. These procedures are also called “Taylor orthognathic surgery” and aim to improve your bite when there’s no way of fixing the problems with traditional orthodontic appliances and non-surgical methods.

Even though we work primarily to deliver non-invasive solutions to our patients and realign their teeth and jaws gradually and safely, you can still trust us to develop the right treatment plan to help you leverage the power of corrective jaw surgery and improve your quality of life in the most efficient way possible.

Will You Need Corrective Jaw Surgery?

Almost all of our patients will be able to correct their jaw problems with non-invasive orthodontic techniques; however, if you are someone with a considerably complex case of jaw growth problems that result from congenital conditions, you may want to get in touch with our team to get help with a treatment that includes corrective jaw surgery. Some patients may have never had to deal with these dental development problems, but a few of them have had to recover from severe and direct trauma to their face that requires reconstruction, restoration, and corrective jaw surgery.

Give us a call at our orthodontic office in Taylor, MI, to get help if you have experienced any of the following:

  • Considerable difficulty in chewing, swallowing, or biting down on food.
  • Chronic pain, especially when you have to chew, bite, or swallow your food.
  • Constant headaches without any specific reason.
  • Uneven wear of your teeth.
  • A receding chin or protruding jaw.
  • Considerable straining when you attempt to close your mouth and make your lips meet.

We highly recommend you set up a consultation with us and wait until the right time to start this process, as most patients should not undergo corrective jaw surgery until after their dental development and jaw growth stops.

Get Help From the Best Saline Orthodontist

Our specialists, Dr. Stieper, Dr. Brust, and Dr. Khatib, are committed to delivering you and all our Taylor, MI, patients the best orthodontic care to make their journey toward proper dental function as comfortable and efficient as possible. Orthodontics and corrective jaw surgery will help you let your smile shine!

Set up an appointment with our team to find out more about the ways this treatment option enhances your orthodontics treatment with braces or clear aligners Taylor.