The talented specialists at SBK Orthodontics will gladly help you solve any problems you have with your orthodontic appliances and ensure your care goes according to care. Your orthodontic emergencies don’t need to be a problem when you come for treatment with the best orthodontist Ann Arbor has.


Our patients here in Ann Arbor know they can come back to our office to get the help they need as soon as they need it. Make sure you give our Ann Arbor orthodontic office a call at 734-662-7200 if you need help. Check out below some of the common situations that require an emergency orthodontist.


Loose Brackets

Many patients have trouble following the dietary recommendations they hear from their orthodontist. Unfortunately, many of these choices result in loose brackets. The pieces of food debris left in your mouth peel away the brackets and diminish your braces’ structural integrity. Please get in touch with our office to get the brackets bonded again and avoid any treatment interruptions.



Poking Wires

Every now and then, the end portion of the archwire becomes loose and starts poking at the inside of your cheeks. You’ll want to get in touch with our office to fix the situation and avoid any damage to your mouth. Keep in mind this won’t necessarily set back your Ann Arbor Orthodontic treatment, but you should still seek to fix the situation with professional help.



Lost Clear Aligner Trays

Some patients choose to have their orthodontic treatment with Invisalign® clear aligner trays instead of traditional metal braces. In spite of the many advantages clear aligners have, there’s one thing many patients should look out for misplacing or losing their aligners. You can set back your treatment quite a lot if you lose your aligners and stop wearing them. Please get in touch with our office for more clear instructions.



Pain and Discomfort

All patients should expect a measure of discomfort when they first get braces. The same will happen following any adjustments or when wearing a new set of clear aligners. Discomfort is not news around orthodontic care, but you should be wary of any prolonged sensation of pain. Excessive, throbbing, or persistent pain may be a sign of deeper dental problems that can even become life-threatening. Please contact emergency services and your orthodontist as soon as possible.



Our team is on standby to help whenever you require it.

Did you also know there are plenty of DIY and temporary solutions you can try to remedy the discomfort caused by ortho emergencies? You can learn more with our blog post articles. Click the link below.



You’ll want to set your next appointment with us as soon as you notice something’s wrong with your appliance. Don’t worry; you do better giving us a call than sitting by and wondering if you should seek help from a specialist or not.


What is an orthodontic emergency?

Ann Arbor orthodontic emergency is any situation that results in potential damage to your orthodontic appliance ar that can potentially delay your treatment. Orthodontic emergencies in Ann Arbor are not your traditional dental emergencies. In fact, an orthodontic emergency is something you can handle on your own. The most important and defining element of situations that require orthodontic emergency treatment is that they’re not life-threatening.

Is a loose bracket an orthodontic emergency?

That is correct. Ann Arbor orthodontic emergency of this type can result in accidentally swallowing a piece of stainless steel, delaying your treatment, or further deterioration of your orthodontic appliance. Consider that metal brackets act as anchors and translate the desired dental realignment movements from the wire to each tooth. Once these anchor points become dislodged, you are at risk of unevenly realigning your teeth and having to spend longer with your braces on.

How to deal with an orthodontic emergency?

Dealing with an orthodontic emergency with the best orthodontist Ann Arbor has available is not a difficult task. You should try to remain calm to identify the nature of your orthodontic appliance and contact your Ann Arbor orthodontist’s office to let them know you might need to reschedule your next appointment. However, you might not even need to come into the office right away, as many of these situations have DIY solutions. Give us a call, and we’ll give you more instructions.

In an emergency, can an orthodontist be helpful?

This will only depend on the nature of the emergency. Keep in mind that orthodontic emergencies are not life-threatening, but if you notice any signs of intense pain, swelling, or unstoppable bleeding, you’ll be better off calling emergency services and going to an emergency room to receive proper treatment. Orthodontists will then adapt your treatment plan to your most recent emergency, so it’s better to be safe than sorry.

What is the most common orthodontic emergency?

The most common orthodontic emergency in Ann Arbor, according to the cases we take care of, is a loose bracket. Most patients who wear traditional metal braces forget that they need to make considerable changes to their dietary habits. Some of these patients’ favorite snacks or foods can break into smaller pieces that end up peeling away the brackets. We use powerful bonding agents to cement brackets to your teeth, but these agents are no match to the power of physics.

How to avoid orthodontic emergencies?

Please follow your orthodontist’s instructions. There are two main things that will help prevent orthodontic emergencies. Patients should pay close attention to their oral hygiene routine to ensure they prevent tooth decay, gum disease, and leaving anything in their mouths that could damage their appliance. Likewise, you should pay close attention to your dietary habits to avoid eating foods that might easily damage your metal braces or clear braces.