Ok, so we are not going to take all the credit, but living in Saline is pretty awesome. We want to make sure we put in our grain of salt and help make this community even better by pledging our skills and experience to the betterment of our patients’ smiles!

The team of SBK Orthodontics is hard at work to help Saline neighbors achieve the best possible version of their smiles through specialized and board-certified orthodontic care.

As orthodontists, our specialists know how to safely and efficiently move your teeth and jaws into the right position. You won’t have to do much except program a few visits to our office, avoid some foods and drinks, and remember to brush your teeth frequently.

Check out what are some of the treatments you can find at SBK Orthodontics.


How could we go about claiming to offer you with the best orthodontic services Saline residents can find if we focused only on one type of orthodontic appliance or target only a few patients in our comfort zone.

No sir. Not us. Everyone at SBK Orthodontics knows how important it is to have multiple choices when it comes to orthodontic care.


Orthodontics for Kids

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) suggests kids start visiting an orthodontist as soon as age 7. We encourage all parents to bring their kids for their complimentary consultation because it allows us to start record of their current situation and keep track of their orofacial bone development.

Starting early means catching any problems on time and simplifying treatment.



Orthodontics for Teenagers

We like to help teenagers achieve the best possible versions of their smiles with the help of efficient and discreet orthodontic treatment options. Get in touch with us to know more about the many ways our experience can help your teenagers smile more with well-aligned and healthy teeth.



Orthodontics for Adults

Let your smile shine with our various options targeted at the hectic lifestyle of modern adults. We want your smile to look as good as possible without interrupting your usual work schedule or catching prying eyes’ attention with the help of our ceramic braces and Invisalign clear aligners.

Get in touch with us to learn more about the solutions available to you here at SBK Orthodontics!




So, how do we go about fixing your smile? We can start with the basics. Traditional metal braces offer our Saline patients the reliability and durability many of them expect and require.

Stainless steel brackets are ideal for patients of all ages who just want to get their orthodontic problems fixed. Make sure to ask us about customizing the color of any elastic bands you get.

Other patients will prefer to go the adventurous route and explore the clear ceramic braces option that leverages advancements in materials science to provide them with a more discreet option that blends in with their natural teeth color.

Make sure you consult with our team of qualified orthodontists to know what works best in your case.



Invisalign® Clear Aligners

When it comes to Invisalign clear aligner trays, our patients will be glad to know they can get theirs at SBK Orthodontics. As a certified provider of Invisalign clear aligners, we can check your needs and plan your treatment with customized, non-BPA plastic trays that quickly realign your teeth.

Furthermore, patients can take off these trays whenever they need to, making oral hygiene and regular snack times much easier than they would be with conventional braces. We are an Invisalign Diamond Provider, meaning we’re in the top 1% across the nation. Call our team to get nothing but the best.



Saline, MI, has a lot of awesome things to do. You can go spend some quality time at Curtiss Par, go to the Golf Course, visit the Two Twelve Arts Center and take a stroll or grab a bite at Saline Downtown. Well, now you can add visiting a high-quality orthodontist to the list.

Make sure you visit our office next time you’re driving down E Michigan Ave. You really can’t miss it. Remember to set your next appointment and make the most out of that complimentary visit.


What is orthodontics?

Orthodontics is a highly specialized branch of dental care. It develops treatment plans that gradually and safely realign a patient’s teeth and jaws without the need for surgical interventions. That’s the beauty of orthodontics, it relies on natural bone movements to realign your smile and promote good oral health.

Why is orthodontic treatment necessary?

Orthodontics may be necessary for patients due to several reasons. As a treatment, it helps correct orofacial development problems that could hinder proper chewing, talking, and even breathing. Besides, any patient who has to endure orthodontic complications will also have additional oral health complications that can hinder their overall health in the long run.

What is the most common orthodontic problem?

In our experience, one of the most common orthodontics problems faced by our patients is crooked teeth. Most often than not, parents forget to bring their children for their orthodontic care in Saline at a young enough age, so when their permanent teeth begin to erupt, they don’t have enough space to do so properly aligned.

How long does orthodontic treatment take?

Orthodontic treatment duration is not something we can easily estimate without first reviewing each patient’s case. The unique differences in circumstances, treatment choices, and personal adherence to our recommendations will drastically change every patient’s experience.

What's the best age to visit the orthodontist?

The American Association of Orthodontists (AAO) highly recommends parents take their children to an appointment with an orthodontist by age 7. When children come to see an orthodontist in Saline around this age, they can count on the specialized supervision required to ensure their permanent teeth erupt correctly or deal with any dental development problems before they become too complex and affect other areas of their social and physical development.

How do I schedule my next appointment?

If you’d like to get in touch with the best orthodontist Saline has available, make sure you give us a call at 734-944-9059. Our team will gladly help you find a time that works best for you and lets us take a closer look at your smile. We don’t have to begin treatment right away, and we ask that you come with as many questions about orthodontics as possible. If we’re going to begin this journey, we want you to know all the details you need to make the right choice.

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