A new less painful way to help make room for adult teeth in 6-11 year olds is here!

Introducing the Invisalign Palatal Expander System

The Invisalign Palatal Expander System is designed to create space for adult teeth in children aged 6 to 11. Unlike traditional palatal expanders, this innovative system offers several advantages:

  1. Less Painful: The Invisalign Palatal Expander is significantly less painful than traditional expanders. Say goodbye to the daily cranking process!
  2. Clinically Proven: Backed by clinical evidence, this system is both safe and effective. You can trust it to provide the orthodontic care your child needs.
  3. Revolutionary Design: With no metal screw, the Invisalign Palatal Expander offers a sleek and comfortable experience for both kids and parents.

How It Works

Traditional expanders involve manually turning a tiny key in a center hole every day, causing stress and discomfort. In contrast, the Invisalign Palatal Expander System uses custom-fit, 3D-printed expanders that gradually widen the upper jaw to accommodate adult teeth. No more tears, less anxiety, and a positive overall experience for your child.

Cost and Payment Options

You can offset the cost of the Invisalign Palatal Expander System through various options, including dental insurance, FSA/HSA benefits, and flexible payment schedules. Talk to your child’s doctor to design a payment plan that suits your family.

What Makes It Different?

  • Removable: The Invisalign Palatal Expander is removable, allowing for better oral hygiene. Your child can easily pop it out for brushing and flossing.
  • No Metal or Wires: Unlike traditional expanders, there are no metal components to get in the way.
  • Kid-Friendly: Most children can manage the expander on their own, regardless of age. Plus, mealtimes remain stress-free with easy removal for cleaning.
  • Fewer Emergency Visits: Without metal or wires, there are fewer unplanned trips to the orthodontist.

Who Can Use It?

The Invisalign Palatal Expander System is user-friendly for both kids and parents. It eliminates the dreaded daily screw-turning associated with traditional expanders, making orthodontic care a smoother experience for everyone.

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